Official Policies and Security Information for Bloom Growth

September 12, 2023

Note: Usage of "we" and "our" indicates Bloom Growth / Winter International. Usage of "you" and "yours" indicates current, former and potential users of our services and visitors to our websites.

Our Privacy Mission

We value your personal privacy. This document details the information that we collect and provides an easy to use removal tool. Removal requests will be verified for accuracy and then removed from all of our systems in an expedient manner.

Please note: If you have a current subscription, your information will not be removed, nor will you be removed from our communications. You may opt to not receive normal communications via the notifications manager or opt-out of marketing emails.

Personal Data Removal and GDPR Compliance

The European Union has created an international framework for privacy and data removal, GDPR. We not only supports the EU data regulation efforts, we offer the same privacy options for anyone in the world that uses our services.

Navigate to the Opting-Out section for instructions.

An Overview of the Information That we Collect

See the full Privacy Policy for full details.


We use "cookies" for all of our websites. These cookies are used to monitor engagement, keep our systems safe and to allow for session storage. We do not sell or share your data outside of our organization's control. Some tools that we use place their own cookies.


We use "pixels" to monitor engagement and the source of visitors.


We use databases to provide the functionality for our web service, message our clients, and maintain client relationships. We guard our databases with encryption and industry standard practices to keep data safe.

Automation Tools

We utilize third-party automation systems to send emails and connect our tools. The systems we choose maintain the highest level of security practices available. Data is encrypted and storage is kept to a minimum.

Requesting Your Personal Information

You can request a list of any personal data that we have on file. Please use the email related to your account in our software to send us a request at

Revising Your Personal Information

If you wish to correct any personal information we have on record, you can make a request via the email related to your account in our software to send us a request at

We can update your name, or address. We cannot update your email address.

Opting Out and GDPR Personal Data Removal Information

We provide a means to opt-out of marketing and automation emails. Please click the opt-out link in any email that you receive to stop receiving that type of email. To stop receiving system notifications, please opt out of email notifications within our software.

You can ask us to completely purge your information from our systems.

Send us an email with your:

  1. Full name
  2. Any IP addresses (if necessary)


A removal request ticket will be created. You will receive email updates from us until the process is complete. We will purge any applicable instances that contain your details. This process takes about thirty days. Once complete, you will no longer be in our systems. This includes, but is not limited to, marketing systems, email, databases and automation tools. All removals will be cataloged internally using a ticket number, but will not contain identifying information.

We take this seriously, not only to comply with GDPR, but as a service for all.

After you make a purge request, you will be completely deleted from our systems. Neither you nor us will be able to access your data. We will have no record of your deletion request. This is a permanent, irreversible request.

We continually identify connected systems which contain personal information and will permanently delete your history upon request. Please keep in mind that if you sign up again in the future, your information will once again be in our systems.

An Overview of Our Security Mission

See the full Security Information Page for full details.


Our service utilizes encryption to protect our client's data.

Databases, logs, and volumes are encrypted at rest and in transit.

SSL Certification

All of our websites are protected with SSL certificates.


Contact our Client Success Team to cancel your service at any time. We will stop further processing of your payment option.

Money Back Guarantee

If you do not love our software, we will refund your money within the first month.