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Where Is Your Data?

Data Centers

Note: Usage of “we”, “us”, and “our” indicates Winter International LLC – Bloom. Usage of “you” and “yours” indicates current, former and potential users of our services and visitors to our websites.

This page has information regarding our ability to serve our software to you over the internet. This includes all of the infrastructure needed to provide our services to you. Additional information about our third-party services are indicated below.

Amazon Web Services

We utilize systems in the following geographic locations, either for day to day operations or operational redundancy:

  • US East (Ohio) Region
  • US West (Oregon) Region
  • US West (Northern California) Region
  • US East (Northern Virginia) Region
  • The Cloudfront Content Delivery Network (CDN) utilizes nodes around the globe.

For more information on Amazon’s Global Infrastructure, please visit AWS’s Regions and Availability Zones page.

In Systems We Use

We work hard to discover the data centers utilized by the PII-containing systems we use to maintain our business.